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Our Staff in Kenya

Ngong Road Children Association is fortunate to have a dedicated and talented staff in Nairobi.  We employ five full-time caseworkers, an office manager, a computer instructor and five part-time "volunteer" case workers who receive a small stipend. Recently we have employed an office assistant to keep the office tidy and clean.


Naomi Kamanda, Secondary Department head

Naomi is 26 years old, the eldest of four children. She has worked with NRCA since 2006, first as a volunteer, then beginning in 2007 as the first full-time, paid employee (Peter Ndungu worked on a volunteer basis for the first few years). Peter was Naomi’s pastor and catechism teacher.  In the beginning NRCA did not have an office, so every Saturday Naomi and Peter met with the kids, taught them songs and poems and provided some snacks.  This was the beginning of our Saturday Program.

Naomi completed high school at Nembu Girls School.  After high school she attended seminars on HIV/AIDS counseling, completed several computer courses and has a Diploma in Community Development course.  She hopes to gain a university-level degree in Community Development and Social work by the end of 2015.

Naomi loves working NRCA because she feels it is helping to eradicate poverty in Kenya and especially in Dagoretti. Through providing education and health to these children she feels sure that in the coming days they will get good jobs and be self-reliant.

She especially enjoys playing and socializing with the children at the annual camp and during the Saturday Program.

Beatrice Wangari Theuri, Office Manager

Beatrice is the office administrator/accountant/librarian, having joined the organization in May 2007. She became interested in Ngong Road Children Association because she heard it’s all about helping children. She had worked with children before as an assistant and a mathematics teacher in a Montessori school and also as a Sunday school teacher. Beatrice is qualified as a certified public accountant.

Beatrice felt so touched by the mission of Ngong Road Children Association since she had been in the same posiiton as the children in the program.  Her single mother could not feed and pay for school fees, especially for secondary school. Her uncle came to the rescue and paid for primary, secondary, and college school fees and allowed her to get her education. She sees her own history in  the children in the program and feels she can encourage them  and share her own life story and see that they too can make it as she did. Now she is able to provide for herself and for her mother.   

Mary Wanjiru Muriu, Caseworker (Secondary Department)

Mary is 29 years old and her hometown is Kikuyu in Kiambu County. She has always had a desire to serve the needy people in Kenya and therefore trained with various institutions and organizations to give her the necessary skills and knowledge in this field.

After completion of secondary school she completed a course in community health care. This course included instruction in home based care for people living with HIV/AIDS. She has also attended a counseling psychology course at Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development. Mary took an internship at Getathuru Rehabilitation School (a specialized government school that deals with rehabilitation of street boys) and volunteered at Rafiki AIDS Ministry, which helps children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mary has worked for Ngong Road Children Association since November 2009. She has a passion for children and sees how the program has helped children have a sense of belonging and a chance for a brighter future as they pursue their goals.

Antony Kamau Ndung’u, Caseworker (Primary Department)

Antony Kamau is 26 years old, and has a diploma in Community Development and Social Work. He trained with a variety of organizations and acquired certificates in HIV Management at the Workplace, Peer Education and Family Matters.

He loves his work at Ngong Road Children Association.  He enjoys interacting with the children and speaking with the parents/guardians about their situations. Anthony works with the counseling program to help the children become aware of the importance of school and the options available to them after high school graduation such as college education and career opportunities.

Anthony keeps track of 60+ of our children by visiting their homes and schools, and talking with their parents and teachers. If any of those children has a problem, he is proud to be the one they contact.

Tunda Margaret Lepore, Primary Department Head

Tunda is 29 years old from a born in a polygamous Maasai family with three wives, thus she has fourteen brothers and sisters in total. She grew up in a small village in Maasai land called Enaibelibel in the midst of the rich, beautiful and sometime cruel and biased cultural practices of the Maasai community and especially being born female made her very vulnerable compared to a male child. Today she is one of the few graduate girls from the Maasai community who was never circumcised and escaped being married off at a young age. Tunda is a university graduate with a degree in development studies and planning to do her masters soon.

Tunda joined Ngong Road Children Association in February 2010 as a volunteer caseworker as a way of giving back to the community. A year later she became a full-time caseworker.  She says she has learnt a lot from the kids; they have become part of her life and given her life a different dimension.  She believes education is the backbone of success for any individual and for the development of any country.

Volunteer Case Workers

NRCA also enjoys the support of  "Volunteer Case Workers" who receive a small stipend for their time and travel costs.