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Why We Exist

Students at work
Ngong Road Childrens Association has one of the best computer lab facilities in all of Kenya
Nelson Mandela Academy student pose in front of their school
NRCA students happy to be part of the program
David reads a book to his fellow NRCA students
Students answer their teacher in a typical NRCA class
Our Mission… what we do
We provide education and support for Nairobi children living in poverty whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS so they can transform their lives.
Who We Are
Friends of Ngong Road (FoNR) and Ngong Road Children Association (NRCA) are sister organizations with a shared mission, principles and values.  We hold a deep belief in the value of education and the hope it can bring to young lives.  
Volunteers from Friends of Ngong Road around the world focus on fund-raising, sponsor recruitment, communications and strategy.  The volunteers and staff from Ngong Road Children Association in Nairobi, most of whom have lived in or near the impoverished communities where we operate, focus on managing the day-to-day operation of the program.
Our Values…guide our behavior
  • Respect … We value each individual regardless of background, religious beliefs, nationality or gender
  • Integrity …We do what we say, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in all we do
  • Professionalism …We have a culture of excellence, teamwork and commitment

Our Principles…guide our decision-making and operations
  • Accountability:  Ensure donor investment and trust is well-placed and drives measurable outcomes
  • Leverage: Collaborate with existing schools and family structures and organizations in Kenya. Build partnerships and operate through volunteers whenever possible
  • Relationships: Foster strong relationships between the child and sponsor and between sponsors/donors and Friends of Ngong Road.